Generative AI

What is Generative AI ?

Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new content or models from input data. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand the patterns, structures, and features in the input data and then generate similar or related output.

Use cases

Content Generation

  • Ability to understand and generate human like text  

  • Analyses large amounts of data and generate new content 

  • Customizable and consistent style and tone  

Image and video generation

  • Analyze existing images and videos and generate new ones  

  • Enhance low resolution images and videos  

  • Generate visuals showcasing product features  

Predictive maintenance 

  • Ability to predict equipment failures

  • Help reduce equipment downtime 

  • Saves maintenance costs by optimizing maintenance schedules  


  • Custom advertising based on user demographics, browsing history and interests 

  • Improve content discovery and enhance user experience.

  • Increase click-through rates, improve targeting