Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision​ ?

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that deals with enabling computers to interpret and understand visual information from the world, such as images and videos. By using machine learning algorithms, computer vision can automatically detect, classify, and analyze visual data to make decisions or take actions based on that information. 

Use cases

Advanced security systems

  • Enhances security system using face identification, movement detection and intrusion detection  

  • Prevents security breaches and enables swift responses to potential threats  
  • Automated analysis and decision-making using object detection and machine learning algorithms  

Classification & Analysis

  • Analyze and classify video content, including scene detection and event detection 

  • Improve content discovery, enhance user experience, and enable automated content analysis and classification 
  • Improve security, reduce fraud by identifying suspicious events to enhance overall security  

Authentication and Access Control

  • Authentication and access control purposes, including face recognition and fingerprint comparison

  • Improve image and video quality, enhance user experience, and enable efficient search and retrieval of images and video
  • Enable seamless search and retrieval of images and videos, streamlining access control procedures

Quality Assessment and enhancement

  • Automated image and video quality assessment to ensure precision by analyzing resolution, clarity, and accuracy 

  • Streamline retrieval with facial recognition, categorizing and indexing images for quick and accurate searches  
  • Enhance user satisfaction by dynamically optimizing image features during real-time interactions